Friday, November 28, 2014

Vent Stack

This vent stack is located on the roof of the trailer in the kitchen area.  It is used to vent the fumes from the furnace. Modern RV furnaces are vented through the sidewall of the trailer making this vent stack and interior vent piping obsolete.  We will remove the inside vent piping but keep the vent stack on top of the roof to maintain the "vintage look" on the outside of the trailer.

The vent pipe was routed up through the kitchen cabinets and then boxed in on top of the counter top. It continued up through the overhead cabinet and out the roof stack.
Making the vent inoperable and removal of the piping will provide additional space.

The roof hole for the vent will be closed off and sealed.

This picture shows the vent stack removed. The area was then cleaned and shinned.

To cover the area a patch was fashioned from the same type aluminum .

The patch was installed using pop rivets and sealed with caulking.

The patch was made smaller than the vent base cover for proper fit.
The vent stack will be polished before being re-installed permanently.

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