Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Look at the Bling

Time to hang all of the pretty items back onto the shiny body!

Original but refurbished Bargman tail lights.

 New Airstream nameplates on the front and back.
Refurbished license plate light with new red lens showing to the rear.

New LED clearance lights from Vintage Trailer Supply.

A 30 amp Marinco Shore Power Plug was added to the left rear of the trailer.

A receptacle for a portable porch light was reinstalled near the door on the curbside of the trailer.
 This type of light is powered by 120 volts and only used when the trailer is 
plugged into adequate shore power.

Several styles of this type of light were used originally.

The aluminum propane tanks were polished and mounted back onto the front of the trailer.

Polishing the tanks worked best by following the grain in the metal 
which goes up and down instead of side to side.

A new tank rack and regulator holder was added to the front hitch area.

 Here is the trailer all "blinged up."

Great reflections.

 Sunglasses were helpful while taking these pictures!

The outside of the Airstream is basically complete and waterproof.
I can now turn my attention to the inside of the trailer.