Friday, November 20, 2015

Window Glass Replacement

Ten new glass panes were ordered from a local glass shop. 
  I ordered single pane glass with the edges bevel-finished to aid in safe handling.
Two specific supplies are needed to complete the installation process.


Number one is glazing tape which  is needed to adhere the glass to the window frame on the inside.
The glazing tape is a premium butyl glass sealant bedding tape that is 1/4 “ wide by 1/16” thick.  It comes on a 50’ spool and is a perfect self-adhesive to bond the glass to the frame. 

  Number two is silicone (rubber) glazing strips to help hold and seal the widow glass to the frame from the outside. Side view of the glazing strip shows it's profile.  

The supplies were ordered from Vintage Trailer Supply

The Installation

The first step in the installation process is to place glazing tape onto the window frame and then set the glass squarely onto the tape. I set the glass onto the sealant and then pressed evenly all around the glass edge and frame.  

I cut the glazing tape to the proper length while still attached to the brown paper backing.

I placed the sticky glazing tape accurately on the frame lip.

Then place the glass on top of glazing tape to bed the glass into the frame.
You can see through the glass while pressing to ensure adhesion between frame and glass.


The second step is to place the gray silicone glazing strip into the channel of  the frame to seal the window from outside.  It is applied after the glass has been bedded in the frame and provides the finishing trim to the window. 

Be sure to cut the glazing strip a little longer for possible shrinkage.
Cutting the glazing strips was done with scissors and/or a razor blade.

 Finished window glass installed.