Thursday, August 21, 2014

More Roof Work

One of the items needing attention is the "antiquated" refrigerator vent. 
It did not provide proper venting for the refrigerator. 

The vent is small and will be replaced with a more efficient style. The vent was poorly designed and caused some damage to the skin of the trailer.  

Excess heat and soot pooled in the area above the old refrigerator.  While inspecting this damage I poked my finger through the outside skin. 

 Vent path was not well defined. Heat and soot build up caused damage.

The new vent was located and installed above the future position of the refrigerator.
This is the new style vent and will look good on "SeeMore."

I measured and marked the shape to be cut out.

The base fit perfectly after it was trimmed for the ceiling rafter.

Nice dry-fit here.

Hood sitting over the vent looks good and will provide proper venting.
Screws will be used on both ends of the vent hood to attach it to the roof.