Thursday, September 12, 2013

Frame Repairs

Frame repairs have taken a long time to accomplish.  A decision had to be made whether to repair the old frame or build a completely new one.  That decision was a hard one and will be costly in the end.  I decided that it would be best to repair the old frame.  The welder agreed and stated that he would rather build a new frame but that I could save money if he repaired the old one.  He had great confidence in his ability to repair and replace rusted out metal.  In the end, keeping the original dimensions and improving the overall strength of the old frame was a good decision. Hopefully, it will last another 54 years.

Now, I can turn the corner and start to rebuild the whole trailer from the ground up.

The frame is back at home and I must get busy planning how to proceed with this new and improved frame.

Today, I expect a delivery from "Vintage Trailer Supply."  
Two grey tanks, a black tank and some plumbing fittings.
I must also order "Por 15" paint.

Look!  Two new "Dexter" axles!
No more leaf suspension springs.  We now have "torq-flex" suspension for a smooth ride.
45 degree angle to rise the frame 2 full inches higher from the ground.
Not a "low rider" anymore.

Angle Iron 1/4 thick was welded to the underside of the main frame rails the length of the trailer.

A new rear cross-member was added along with extensions to frame rails for a trunk box.

While at the welder's shop it was a good time to improve the "A frame" rails and add a  new 2  5/16 hitch coupler.

The frame looked and felt much stronger when finished.  

If I ever rebuild another trailer I think I will build a new frame (just sayin').