Thursday, February 21, 2013

1959 Airstream Ambassador International

This is the story about our 1959 Airstream Ambassador International travel trailer.
 Named "SeeMore."

"See More, Do More, Live More."
Philosophy of Airstream founder "Wally Byam."

This Blog is meant to chronicle the purchase and refurbishing of our "Vintage" Airstream travel trailer.
The 28 foot Airstream Ambassador International is just what we wanted.

The purchase.

The search was long and arduous for just the right trailer.  We finally found the desired year and model near Charlottesville, Virginia, some 250 miles away.  We made three trips to inspect and ponder the restoration.  We finally decided to make the purchase.

The trailer spent time in Florida, Wisconsin and Virginia.  I am the fourth owner.  The previous owner stated that it had been in his family since new.  He stated that he hated to part with it but he wanted someone to use it as was intended.

We named him "SeeMore."

The real fun begins!  The trip home.

Four new tires purchased near home but mounted at a local shop.

Preparing for the road trip.  I had to secure the door and attach portable trailer lights.

We used rope and tape to make sure the door and windows stayed closed on the way home.
Auxiliary lights were attached to the rear bumper for transport because the old trailer light hook up could not be trusted for the long trip home.

All secure and ready to go!

On the way home we stayed at a nice campground near Staunton, Virginia.  We brought along an electric heater and bottled water.  

The campground was very nice but the weather was very chilly.

Even though it was 54 years old, it towed like a dream. 

We brought along many blankets and pillows and ignored the obvious signs of a mice motel

The trailer is very nice but will need to be totally refurbished.
We were very happy!  The trailer is just what we wanted.  

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