Friday, August 29, 2014

Time to Shine

Oh My !!!  It really does shine after a lot of hard work....

This "desire" to shine all the aluminum started very early in the process. My plan was to build and complete a functioning trailer. The final step would be to "shine" the trailer.

So, the "desire" began when I decided to shine some parts and pieces. Like the awning rail and the area of the body under the awning rail.  Then there was the area in front of the trailer
where the trim piece attaches near the bottom of the shell.

I reasoned, "Wouldn't the caulking adhere better if it were shined?"
After seeing the results, I just could not stop myself!

My grandson saw the opportunity to test the new shine.

Looked really good so far. Let's do more!

Polishing aluminum is addictive!

What a difference it makes!

My choice for polishing this alclad aluminum travel trailer is Nuvite's Nu Shine II.
It was purchased from  "Vintage Trailer Supply."

Grade F 9 (very course) was selected for the "first cut" due to the heavy oxidation and light corrosion.
The second pass polish will be done with a grade F 7 (less course).

To what degree and when to stop polishing is a personal decision.
My goal is to make it look "Stunning!"

The 100% wool polishing pads were also purchased from "Vintage Trailer Supply."

Polishing an Airstream trailer is hard work.
I followed the detailed polishing instructions in the publication listed
 on the "Vintage Trailer Supply's"web site.

The tail lights, marker lights and other items were removed to make the job easier.

I polished the entire top of the trailer by gaining access through the "open" hatches.

After a few days (and sore muscles) the "first cut" polish on the trailer was almost complete.

Seeing the results after polishing was fun but it did uncover some serious issues.

The battery box on the front of the trailer needed to be removed.
Considerable corrosion was found behind and below it and will require much attention.

During polishing the buffing wheel helped locate a few buck rivets that
were not installed correctly at the factory.
Several were removed and will be re-installed properly.

Inspection of those rivets from inside the shell showed evidence of corrosion and leaking.

Lots of work has been accomplished but there is much more to be done.
Stay tuned!