Thursday, October 27, 2016

Windows and More

I have heard people say "I don't do windows!"
Now, I know why.

Windows take lots of time to clean and repair.  Such is the case with the windows on "SeeMore."

Earlier in the project I removed all of the windows and had new glass cut for them.  
Both the sashes and the back frames needed to be cleaned and new seals needed to be ordered and installed.
Once everything was cleaned and the new glass was installed I set the windows aside to work on other projects.  
Now, I was ready to put seals onto the back frames and reassemble the windows into the trailer.
The back frames required a special bulb type seal and was ordered from Vintage Trailer Supply
The seal has a specific profile to fit into the small channel on the back frame.

Here is a look at the profile of the seal.

Proper orientation to the window requires careful attention.

Tools necessary to install the seal are patience, scissors and a flat blade screw driver.

Once the new seals were installed the windows and hardware could be reassembled.

It was nice to have windows on the trailer again.

Refrigerator vent door-

The vent door needed to be repaired and a new seal installed.
All was polished before reassembly.

The seal was ordered from Vintage Trailer Supply.
It was required to be buck riveted onto the trailer body.

The seal had to be sandwiched between the body and the vent.

The seal and vent was all held into place with clecos and then buck riveted together.

With the bottom intake vent installed and the new roof vent in place the system should be ready for an operable refrigerator someday.

Roof vent with cover in place.