Sunday, January 25, 2015


"New Barber"

The wife says, 
"You can't go back there anymore!"
Why do I need a new barber?

I bought another trailer.

1962 Airstream Overlander  (26 feet) 

The Story.
At the barber shop, conversation often centered around
 "that old Airstream trailer just north of town."

For three years the trailer's owner and I frequented the same barber shop.
My barber was keenly aware of my interest in that trailer.

I said, "It is a Legacy Airstream trailer."
It was built during the era that "Wally Byam" controlled the company.
The trailer was just sitting outside neglected and forlorn.

Finally, the word was out that the trailer was for sale
Not long after that it followed me home. 

Perhaps another Blog?
Stay tuned...