Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Refurbishing Plans

The floor plan will be maintained during the restoration/refurbishing process.  Updating the appliances will be a priority.
To maintain the "vintage look," I plan to remove the air conditioner from the roof and the after-market awning.  Also, the spare tire and carrier will need to be removed from the bumper.

The decision has been made to do a "Full Monte" (complete restoration/refurbish) on the trailer. This will require a complete dis-assembly of the trailer.  The shell will be removed and the frame will be taken out for repair and painting.  The interior will be improved with new floor, new insulation, paint and new furniture.

When it is all put back together we will have essentially a new trailer. Camping will be fun!

See More arrived home.

Original flooring!  Looks nice but "not so good."

Big bathroom.

Overall, the trailer was in tact with the original furniture and appliances.  
The furniture will need to be rebuilt and appliances updated.

All the interior walls were removed along with the nasty insulation.
Ceiling panels were brought out through the front window very carefully.

The inside was all cleaned out.  Dis-assembly did not take much time.  I took many pictures to document the progress.  I am sure that I will need to refer back to them during the rebuilding.

The frame finally appeared and the old insulation and nasty stuff from the belly pan was removed. After 54 years the frame didn't look too bad.  However, the frame will need some work. The rear cross-member was rusted out and will have to be replaced. The spare tire mount on the back will have to go!  Looks cool but it adds unnecessary weight at the rear.

After inspection the frame appears to be weak for this sized trailer. It was manufactured with light weight materials to save weight but in my opinion is too weak.  
A decision will need to be made on how to strengthen the frame.